SowStain: Digital Twins for Precision Agriculture

A Digital Twin to improve agriculture
Thematic area: Earth/Climate, Projects
Financing: ICSC Innovation Grants
Enabling Technology: Digital Twin, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Image recognition

A Digital Twin is developed to study and optimize processes in Precision Agriculture (PA). Its main objectives are: 

  • optimizing precision farming systems, learning from data;
  • efficient water management and effectively adapting to extreme events;
  • data collection during all phenological phases, focusing on: product quality, attention on the entire supply chain, ability to optimize seasonal predictions and to forecast based on crop, soil, water availability and pathogen risks; 
  • reducing issues with shared information.

Italian Research Center on High Performance Computing Big Data and Quantum Computing (ICSC), project funded by European Union – NextGenerationEU – and National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) – Mission 4 Component 2. 

The goal

The strengths of the project are the quality of the product, the attention to the entire supply chain, the ability to optimize seasonal forecasts and to make forecasts based on crops, water availability and pathogen risks.  

The ultimate goal is to solve the problems of the field thanks to the sharing of the information obtained. 

The initial challenge

The main challenge is the need to develop a system that can efficiently manage water and adapt management to extreme events for the success of agricultural processes.  

This necessity is coupled with the impossibility of conducting field trials. 

The solution

  • Implementation of a Digital Twin environment to analyze and optimize processes in PA.  
  • Use of data collected by sensors, satellites and drones.  
  • What-if simulations to manage extreme events and improve crop resilience. 


  • Improving crop resilience.  
  • Reduction of wasted resources and emissions.  
  • Increased production on existing farmland.  
  • Support decision-makers with advanced analysis tools.  
  • Contribution to sustainable agriculture and climate-resilient water management. 


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