New technologies lead to new solutions

IFAB promotes and funds innovative projects in key areas for the future of our society, such as climate change, precision medicine and mobility. These projects investigate and face current issues through new digital technologies: AI algorithms, Big data analysis and supercomputing, to the new frontiers of Quantum Computing.



November 9th
IFAB e ECMWF present the research project “Empirical modeling of 2m temperature and 10m wind”, aimed to reduce errors in the surface weather forecasts through machine learning system.

Questions and answers for the country

IFAB is product of the Emilia-Romagna Region’s desire to enable universities, research centres, businesses and Italian communities, as well as the entire international scientific and manufacturing community, to effectively take part in this extraordinary scientific and technological movement which is changing the lives and the development of societies and economies all over the world.

European Extreme Events
climate index

On January 21st IFAB presented its first project: the European Extreme Events Climate Index, the result of the collaboration between CMCC and Leithà. E3CI is an innovative service for weather induced hazard assessment and management.

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