Elaboration of scenarios regarding the development of science and technology (law 7/2019) in response to the Millennium Goals defined by the UN

The Foundation suggests creating a research team which will design a three-year programme focused on the development of approaches for the creation of science and technology development scenarios in response to the UN Millennium Goals, which themselves necessitate the future projection of enormous economic, political, environmental and climate-related difficulties.
The idea is therefore to develop an integrated approach for the elaboration of cross-disciplinary scenarios which are not available today; through the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, this approach shall also build solid quantitative scenarios to support public policy simulations proposed in response to the Millennium Goals.


The goal of the research is the elaboration and acquisition of a methodology that is able to create integrated scenarios, permitting:

  • public policy simulations in response to the Millennium Goals;
  • the simulation of possible evolutions in medium and long-term scientific, technological and economic activities;
  • the establishment of a permanent structure capable of processing and managing an integrated scenario formulation system, supporting the International Scientific Board and all IFAB research activities;
  • the possibility of providing Emilia-Romagna’s public and private entities with scenarios and forecasts for the definition of their development strategies;
  • the inclusion of the Foundation and the entire Big Data-ER Data Valley hub in the international context.

Expected results

The creation of a permanent senior researcher work team to support the International Scientific Board, IFAB and the entire local system in the development of multidisciplinary scenarios and to create a continuous connection with the most dynamic global entities. The work team will also help create favourable conditions for participation in big national, European and international projects which promote our regional and national scientific and production systems in an international context.

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