IFAB launches a call for attracting and financing innovative projects with the aim of improving the understanding of complex and socially relevant topics.

IFAB’s goals:

  • Reinforcing, enhancing and promoting scientific research and its cross-disciplinary implications, with particular focus on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Designing scenarios related to economic and social transformations in connection with the great challenges of our times: climate change, the health crisis, the exploitation of resources, the management of complex urban systems, and the application of conventional and innovative technologies.
  • Dissemination of the role and potential of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in addressing global problems and other issues, with an impact on people’s lives. The goal is to increase the awareness of the importance of these new technologies among the general public, entrepreneurs and politicians.

To pursue these goals, IFAB promotes, manages and carries out cross-disciplinary and applied research, training and dissemination   for reinforcing and establishing  the European Hub of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for a new inclusive, sustainable, open and human form of development.

Aim(s) of the Call

The aim of the call is to attract and  finance innovative projects concerning the domains listed below in the form of: proof of concept , research and development, applications  and solutions.  Co-financing both in kind and in cash can be included in the projects in order to increase the mobilization of resources and the critical mass of the various initiatives.

Thematic fields

  1. Green deal. The aim of the projects should concern climate change and impact mitigation with reference also to energy production from renewable and alternative sources, the reduction and subtraction of greenhouse gas emissions, the energy efficiency of production and systems.
  2. Life sciences and precision medicine. The aim of the projects should concern the possible development of health platforms also with reference to cancer, pandemics and the design of new drugs and therapeutic treatments.
  3. Complex system. The objective of the projects should concern the development of digital twins of complex systems referring for example and in a non-exhaustive way to economic globalization, urban systems, mobility and transport of goods and people, … In this context projects concerning the social, humanistic and cultural disciplines will also be considered.
  4. Matter and Materials. The objective of the projects should concern the methods of development and design of innovative materials and their applications with particular reference to environmental sustainability, the reduction of environmental pollution, energy storage, the circular economy and new methods and technologies of industrial production.

The projects will have to develop and exploit HPC computational methods, big data analytics and artificial intelligence, cloud and edge computing workflow. Projects based on quantum computing methods  will also be considered.


Projects selected for funding

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Materials for your application



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