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Communication is an essential tool for the Foundation and an integral part of its mission. Through the planning of high-profile events, participation in similar events organised by other parties, and the dissemination of high-quality educational content on the web and social media, the Foundation aspires to talk to a scientific and academic audience but also to capture the attention of the business and political world and members of the general public interested in global challenges. The final goal of scientific dissemination is to increase the awareness of decision-makers, investors and citizens regarding the crucial role that new high-performance computing technologies will have in the development of human societies, therefore contributing to supporting scientific research in these fields.

IFAB lectures represent a chance to connect the fields of research dear to the Foundation and its stakeholders: the scientific and business community, young researchers, and the whole society.
Important actors of the research and business world answer to the most significant questions of the reality of our time, contributing to the identity construction and external perception of IFAB and to the dissemination of research outcomes in the public interest.

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