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The project

To best express its role as a promoter of data and technology culture towards all societal actors, IFAB launches educational and training paths dedicated to the school world, designed for teachers and students.

Specifically, the Foundation commits to implementing in the educational context paths and in-depth sessions on digital innovation topics, with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and new technologies.

The training course is titled ‘Artificial Intelligence and Teaching: Challenges and Opportunities for Schools in the Data Age‘ and is designed to provide teachers with the necessary elements to better understand the potential offered by the connection between Artificial Intelligence and education. Experts, representatives of IFAB and its network of companies will lead the course and illustrate concrete case studies of innovation and development. Lastly, the topics of the course is agreed upon with the educational institution and the teachers. Some examples here below:

  • What does ‘Artificial Intelligence’ mean? A brief introduction to the technology and its main applications
  • What challenges and opportunities does AI offer for the world of teaching?
  • Neural networks, ChatGPT, and other intelligent tools: how they work and how to best use them
  • Teaching scenarios in the age of AI: interdisciplinarity, co-planning, and co-teaching
  • How to design an interdisciplinary teaching module

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