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IFAB acts as a bridge between high-performance computing and AI technologies and services and the needs of businesses and societies

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and High Performance Computing systems in general represent an enormous opportunity, not only for industry, medicine and the energy sector but also for the management of water and food resources, for resilience to climate change, and for transport and urban systems. A huge potential that must take tangible form in real-life projects, such as those selected by the Foundation in its Calls for projects, or which take shape within national and international networks like the National Centre for Research into HPC, Big Data and Quantum Computing and the EuroCC Italy Competence Centre, of which IFAB forms part.

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What we offer

Innovative project development

Ability to undertake complex data and AI projects with positive repercussions for society, thanks to the integration of private competences and new competences from the world of research and the FAB ecosystem in general.

Access to state-of-the-art technological infrastructure and the competences network

Capability for use of High-Performance Computing resources in innovation projects, thanks to access to the infrastructures of the National Centre for Research into HPC, Big Data and Quantum Computing and the European high-performance computing network.

Competence and talent development

Development of new competences within the company, both by involving company personnel in highly innovative projects and providing training on key innovation trends and by attracting new talents.

Events and networking

Opportunities for interaction with companies in other industries and the research network, to apply a “value chain” approach when generating innovation ideas.

Our network

The IFAB network includes players of excellence in the national and international research system as well as a network of partner companies operating in the big data sector.

This context gives structural access to an ecosystem unrivalled in its competences, its infrastructure and the quality of the companies involved, enabling you to:

  • develop your business
  • grow your company’s competences
  • undertake complex projects for yourself and your customers

Network of IFAB members and affiliates

National HPC Centre

EuroCC Italy

BI-rex ++

Bologna Technopole

AI Factory

IFAB belongs to the AI Factory being developed at the Bologna Technopole, within which it acts as a bridge between research and businesses.

The AI Factory, based in Bologna, offers the system:

  • computing infrastructure at the global state of the art
  • the Italian and European research network
  • some of the most innovative companies and start-ups

aiming to dramatically increase the competitiveness of Italian industry overall.

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    IFAB promotes, undertakes and funds innovative projects in key sectors for industry and society, including engineering and materials science, the sciences of the universe and space, climate change, precision medicine and mobility.

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