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IFAB helps small, medium and large companies to face challenges and make a real impact guiding them towards innovation technology. The Foundation is able to outline the emerging and future prospects of scientific and technological development and to identify the ongoing transformations in production serving as an independent and authoritative point of reference at international level for the business world interested in in the fields of Big Data, AI, HPC and Quantum Computing.

A bridge between business and research within HPC, Big Data and Quantum Computing National Centre

As founding member of HPC, Big Data and Quantum Computing National Centre, required by PNRR and opening in 2022, IFAB represents the gateway to high level research skills for private companies, and particularly for SMEs, also thanks to its International Scientific Board and to its network with Universities and European and international research entities.

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IFAB promotes and funds innovative projects in key areas for business development such as engineering and materials science, universe and space, climate change, precision medicine and mobility. Through new digital technologies, these projects investigate and face current issues requiring a brand new approach that brings science systems into relation with production and education systems

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