Relevance of Bologna’s Technopole in developing the European High-Performance Computing System

Quantum information processing provides efficient solutions for some of the most important scientific and practical problems (such as traffic flow and the optimisation of financial portfolios and work planning), as well as improvements compared with classical algorithms (database query, cryptography). The development of the Euro-Hpc High-Performance Computing Centre in Bologna requires research support explicitly aimed at outlining the operational effects of High-Performance computing systems, whether based on pre-exascale systems or quantum evolution systems. In particular, the possible relevant applications for European companies are investigated here, providing a starting point for research which may evolve with other European partners as part of large-scale European programmes.


The project explores three possible approaches, each of which uses quantum technologies for industrial applications:

  • Hybrid Machine Learning
  • Heuristic Algorithms
  • Quantum Embeddings

These three possible approaches will be developed on the basis of their possible economic, industrial and financial applications.

Expected results

The main goal of the research is to set up a research team at IFAB which involving the main research expertise in this specific topic:

  • Enables the Foundation to take part in the national research being carried out in the important sector of Quantum computing;
  • Enables the Foundation to be included in the European research programme on Quantum computing;
  • Enables the “Bologna-Emilia-Romagna Data Valley” hub to be recognised as a European benchmark for the industrial and financial applications of high-performance computing technologies;
  • Enables businesses in Emilia-Romagna and across Italy to access easy approaches to scientific high-performance computing and, in particular, quantum approaches for solving complex issues.


  • University of Bologna
  • INFN
  • Cineca
  • University of Strasbourg
  • Leithà

For further information, please contact: [email protected]