Data are changing the world. The use and interpretation of data are always more fundamental in all professional sectors. Nowadays, it is crucial to train new professionals – both with scientific and humanistic backgrounds – able to extract the whole potential of data.

IFAB 4 Next Generation Talents is a project that involves young students in the world of Big Data, with the entrepreneurial experience of IFAB’s members

The program is designed to build a strong community of young students – from various faculties, both STEM and Humanities – interested in getting involved in the current revolution and in taking part in innovative projects on the application of new digital technologies.
These young students taking part in the project have the opportunity to get to know the companies of IFAB’s network, with researchers and with other participants in the IFAB 4 Next Generation Talents program, in a dynamic ecosystem which will let them:

Carry out internships in innovative entrepreneurial companies of IFAB’s network;
Present and develop an original idea – for a dissertation, a research project or a startup – thanks to the exchange with experts and to the hybridization with other peers with complementary skills;
Enquire in real time on the news of the Big Data and AI world;
Join a community of innovators having its hub in the Big Data Technopole.

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    How the project works

    IFAB 4 Next Generation Talents is a program designed to attract young students to help them developing and promoting their projects. The project aims to involve in a direct and systematic way a group of University students of various faculties (STEM and HUMANITIES) in the activities of the foundation related to the training of the team of young people on the topics relevant to IFAB (AI, Big Data, etc..) starting from:

    • Study and updating in real time of these topics, through seminars / events held by the members of the foundation
    • Support to young people with original ideas/projects (always related to IFAB themes) who need a mentor to support them in the realization of these projects. There will therefore be a contribution from individuals starting from their fields of research or from their specific skills

    The project will be designed with groups of 30 students from different degrees, in order to facilitate the hybridization of competences and foster a stimulating environment, where students can find peers with complementary skills.


    University students (Bachelor and Master) of various faculties (STEM and HUMANITIES)

    Bearers of original ideas in their field of interest which are relevant to IFAB matters (AI, Big Data, Sustainability, etc.)

    University students (Bachelor and Master) of various faculties (STEM and HUMANITIES)


    To approach young students with a scalable and easily implementable project in order to:

    Facilitate the hybridization of skills that verticality of university faculties can sometimes not guarantee
    Sowing seeds for future value creation and growth of ideas to address tangible problems
    Connect IFAB members and young students, with the possibility of carrying out an internship after the training and project development period
    Lead the projects towards institutions

    Project’s implementation consists in two phases:

    1. Periodical seminars and special events with a business domain on IFAB issues (Big Data, AI, health, sustainability, climate, etc.) open to all students wishing to participate and held by young experts in the subjects “lent” by IFAB Members, taking place at the headquarters of the Foundation.
    2. Working groups ad hoc, held at the headquarters of the Foundation (one room dedicated), where students with promising ideas will be listened to and supported in the realization and follow-up of the projects conducted by a Mentor (to be identified at member companies).


    IFAB 4 Next Generation Talents is a project built and developed by IFAB with the contribution of Paola Manes, Full Professor of Private Law, University of Bologna.

    IFAB 4 Next Generation Talents’ Events

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