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The 2022 edition of IFAB Call for Projects aims at reinforcing scientific research and its cross-disciplinary applications, for establishing and reinforcing a European Hub of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Aim(s) of the call

The objective of this call is to attract and finance innovative projects related to the areas listed below. We seek proofs of concept, research and development, applications and solutions partnered with at least one private company. Projects will develop and exploit HPC computational methods, big data analytics and artificial intelligence, cloud- and edge-computing workflow. Projects based on quantum computing methods will also be considered.

Thematic fields

  1. Earth
    Project aims should relate to:
    – Climate change and impact mitigation
    – Production of energy from renewable and alternative sources
    – Reduction and removal of greenhouse gas emissions
    – Energy efficiency in industry and manufacturing.
  2. Healthcare and medicine
    Project aims should concern the development of IT and computer-aided design platforms for:
    – Care management flows
    – Drug design and repurposing
    – Precision medicine methodologies, and genomics and genetics data processing
    – In silico (computational) medicine.
  3. Digital twins of complex systems
    Project aims should concern the development of digital twins of complex systems for (for example, and not limited to):
    – Urban systems
    – Mobility and the transport of goods and people
    – Value chains and supply chains relating to the agri-food, logistics/transport, manufacturing, finance, and insurance sectors
    – Workforce health and safety.
  4. New Materials
    Project aims should concern the methods of development and design of innovative materials and their applications, with particular reference to:
    – Environmental sustainability
    – Reduction of environmental pollution
    – Energy storage
    – Circular economy and biotech for the reuse of manufacturing waste.

Eligible entities

Proposals can involve public and private partners.

Online application

Deadline postponed!!!

18th October 2022

Contact info

Materials for your application


In order to maximize participation to the Call and following several requests, IFAB decided to eliminate the following constraint in relation to the eligible personnel costs: “Each involved person must be committed to project activities for a minimum of three months”. 


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