EuroCC Italy

The National Competence Centre for technology transfer to the industrial world enters a new phase in which IFAB plays a leading role

EuroCC Italy is the National Competence Centre (NCC), member of the EuroHPC network (formed of 33 European competence centres, one for each country), focused on channelling the knowledge of the world of research into training and technology transfer activities aimed at responding to the tangible needs of the manufacturing fabric. Through the Competence Centre it will be possible to launch training and sister programmes between the centres in order to share experiences, success cases and international partnerships and meet the specific needs of companies and the regions.
EuroCC Italy has three main goals:

  • To foster, develop and consolidate collaboration between businesses, research institutes and HPC data centres;
  • To support public authorities, the industrial system and SMEs in particular in the creation of innovation projects;
  • To raise awareness on the advantages and opportunities connected with high-performance computing technologies, big data analysis and artificial intelligence available to the production sector.

In 2023 the IFAB Foundation joined the Competence Centre – which has launched a second project phase – together with BI-REX, Cineca, Dompé and Leonardo.


In order to support the innovation of national industry, with particular reference to the ecosystem of Italian SMEs, EuroCC is an open platform of services that facilitates access to numerous training, piloting & co-design and networking opportunities connected with HPC, HPDA and AI technologies. More specifically, it offers:

  • certified training materials and programmes, both online and in loco;
  • work opportunities for young talent, researchers and professionals;
  • expertise and support for innovation through HPC, HPDA and AI technologies and methodologies;
  • “Proof of Concept” analysis to assess the impact of the technology on the business and operations;
  • computational resources;
  • technology transfer actions between the academic world and the industrial sector.


The training solutions for businesses developed by EuroCC Italy (and the European NCCs) are structured on the basis of three levels:

  • “Curiosity and interest”, i.e. basic training aimed at raising awareness of the use of HPC technologies for business processes;
  • “High-performance innovation”, which involves the transfer of expertise for the application of specific HPC technologies to business processes and products;
  • “Working in the field”, consisting of a programme of traineeships in the HPC area dedicated to young adults and lasting six months.

Piloting & Co-Design

Not just training but also design and practical experimentation: EuroCC Italy also supports SMEs with “Proof of Concept” analysis, with the dual goal of (1) implementing innovative HPC, HPDA and AI technology-based systems in businesses and production centres and (2) assessing their positive impact.


To coordinate and support all European NCCs and related innovation projects, the CASTIEL hub was developed to facilitate interaction, cooperation and synergies between national competence centres. EuroCC Italy and all of the companies with which EuroCC Italy collaborates are consequently part of a key network for the development and innovation of the Italian and European production sector.


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