The European Extreme Events Climate Index

Observe, Understand, and Manage Climate Change

Funded by IFAB as part of the Call for Projects, the European Extreme Events Climate Index observes, maps, and monitors the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events that impact European territories and communities. By analyzing the Copernicus ERA5 dataset, E3CI provides immediately useful data for identifying trends and formulating projections on a national, regional, and provincial scale: a crucial tool for gaining a deeper understanding of the nature of climate transformations and designing management and resilience strategies

How it works: from data to climate change trends

Starting from data provided by ERA5, the fifth generation of atmospheric re-analyses produced by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), which covers the entire globe from 1950, the European Extreme Events Climate Index produces indications regarding variations, trends, and forecasts for seven specific dynamics associated with extreme weather events: Extreme Maximum Temperatures, Extreme Minimum Temperatures, Extreme Precipitations, Extreme Winds, Hail, Droughts, Fires. For each of these, the European Extreme Events Climate Index collects monthly information on anomalies compared to the historical average, thereby allowing backward analyses on specific territories, highlighting areas subject to greater climatic stress.

Below is an infographic that shows all the extreme phenomena detected in the period 1981-2023 (credits to Cinzia Bongino)

Why to use the European Extreme Events Climate Index

Drawing on a vast amount of data and capable of making accurate predictions on climate change trends in relation to specific territories, the European Extreme Events Climate Index offers numerous application opportunities for businesses, institutions, and communities, in the vein of profound innovation in climate risk management and extreme weather events policies. Its flexible and dynamic nature allows for the production of customizable analysis and forecasting outputs based on the precise needs of its user – such as the geographic area, refinable to a radius of about 30 km

Below is a video showing the Data Station of the E3CI Climate Index

The Index currently provides data at the ‘country’ level for Europe, at the ‘region’ level for Italy, and at the ‘province’ level for the ‘Emilia-Romagna’ area. The data can be accessed online on the dedicated platform.

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