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Article 6 of Regional Act 7/2019 states that the Foundation shall acquire a scientific advisory board, named International Scientific Board (ISB), composed, on the one hand, of experts recommended by the Founding Members and, on the other hand, of International experts. ISB directs the Foundation’s activity and elaborates medium and long-term scenarios on sciences and technologies evolution as a response to UN Millennium Goals. The 12th of January 2021, after an accurate research, also in cooperation with the aforementioned work teams, the Foundation has nominated ISB’s members, chosen among people who may have a strong leadership in the stated domains at the International level.  The members of this body have been elected, as established by the Foundation statute.

International Scientific Board members

Ursula Rita Bassler

CERN Council President

Luciano Floridi

[President of IFAB International Scientific Board]
Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information, University of Oxford,
and Professor of Sociology of Culture and Communication, Alma Mater University of Bologna

Anna Grassellino

Director of the National Quantum Information Science Research Center SQMS, and Senior Scientist at Fermilab

Thomas Lippert

Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS), Jülich Supercomputing Centre

Florence Rabier

Director-General of the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)

Alec Ross

Distinguished Visiting Professor, Bologna Business School

Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli

University of California, Berkeley

Mateo Valero Cortés

Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Alessandro Vespignani

Director of the Network Science Institute and Sternberg Family, Distinguished University Professor at Northeastern University

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