Auticon Joins the IFAB Network: High-Quality IT Services, Embracing Innovation and Diversity Inclusion

IFAB is pleased to welcome auticon into its network of partners. As an international provider of IT services specializing in areas such as Quality Assurance and Testing, Analytics, Software Development and Migration, Compliance, and Reporting, auticon embodies the principles of innovation and inclusion. Since its inception, auticon has been the first company to exclusively employ individuals on the autism spectrum as IT consultants. Autistic consultants possess unique talents for logic, pattern recognition, detail orientation, intense concentration, and a keen interest in computing, physics, mathematics, and technology.

Here is an introduction to the company:

“Auticon’s mission is to create highly skilled job opportunities for autistic individuals. We generate added value for our entire society, both economically and beyond: working with autistic colleagues is primarily a business choice that helps us progress as individuals. Embracing neurodivergence, which refers to diversity in neurobiological functioning, makes every team stronger and equips companies to face the challenges of digitalization. It promotes innovation, enhances group communication, and fosters a new team spirit through diversity and openness. By setting a good example and demonstrating that diversity equates to richness, companies become role models for the whole society. Our technical consultants possess extraordinary cognitive abilities combined with technical skills that provide exceptional value and outstanding performance in the tech industry. We achieve this through our expertise in matching each consultant to your work needs, corporate culture, and client organizations’ neurodiversity goals. Innovation, creative intelligence, precision, sustained focus, and the intuitive ability to spot errors provide a unique neurodivergent perspective on clients’ tech projects. Auticon launched in Italy at the beginning of 2019 and now has 30 employees, collaborating with major Italian and multinational companies. Auticon’s main clients in Italy include Agos, Autogrill, Banca Intesa, Banca Mediolanum, Deloitte, Hera, ENI, Snam, Poste Italiane, Unipol, and many others. Auticon’s projects in Italy mainly involve data analysis, AI/ML, testing, and platform migrations.”

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