Generative AI and Businesses: On March 25th, a webinar on managing the impacts of AI in business processes

March 25th 2024 – 5:30-6:40 PM

Awareness on Generative AI: Key Considerations for Businesses

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often perceived today as a “superpower”: in Italy, it has led to a market growth of 52%, and six out of ten large companies have an active artificial intelligence project (Source Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) capture general attention and dominate newspaper headlines, business strategies, and legislative programs around the world. They capture interest and drive the adoption of these tools at an unprecedented pace, particularly among small businesses and Public Administration, which were less interested in this technology in the past.
However, AI aimed at knowledge management and language processing is not only measured in terms of process efficiency but also impacts many aspects of business organization. For this reason, new indicators are needed to measure the changes., based on its field experience, has identified some and proposes its viewpoint towards practical artificial intelligence.

In this scenario, the webinar organized by IFAB in collaboration with aims to stimulate an in-depth look at the new qualitative and quantitative metrics to consider in projects developed with artificial intelligence to gain greater awareness and maximize its potential.

The webinar is free, open to all, and consists of two parts.
In the first part, the current state of AI will be explored with particular attention to expectations, fears, and critical issues associated. New KPIs to consider in the company to fully evaluate the effectiveness and impact of projects based on the automatic processing of unstructured data and human-machine interaction in natural language will be presented and discussed.
The second speech will focus on Large Language Models (LLMs) and highlight the challenges and strategies for ensuring ethical and responsible use of AI in cybersecurity.

Participation is free upon registration. Register using the form below.


The new metrics to consider for projects developed with AI applied to language
Filippo Nardelli, Managing Director ExpertAI

  • AI and language: a long-standing relationship
  • Expectations, fears, and critical issues of LLMs
  • KPIs to consider

What is alignment? The increasing social impact of AI
Ivan Gentile, Data scientist IFAB

  • Traditional ethical problems in AI
  • New ethical problems caused by the arrival of LLMs
  • What is alignment
  • Focus on the impact of LLMs in Cybersecurity

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