Osservatorio ICSC is born: focusing on Supercomputing experiences in Italy

In recent weeks, the Observatory on trends and applications of Supercomputing was officially inaugurated, a project by the National Research Center in High-Performance Computing, Big Data, and Quantum Computing. Its goal is to map the context of Supercomputing in Italy to identify and enhance the most advanced technological innovations, to develop future scenarios for the growth of research and innovation ecosystems, and to create meeting opportunities for members of these ecosystems.

IFAB has been assigned the management and realization of the Observatory’s activities, to concentrate and direct the transfer of knowledge and awareness about issues related to technological innovation achieved through Big Data, High-Performance Computing, and Quantum Computing towards the world of businesses, Public Administrations, and communities.

In the wake of continuous technological innovations, which open up potentials and opportunities for growth and development for businesses and communities, it is essential to keep pace with the data revolution and fully understand technological transformations and their impacts. In this context, the Observatory is not limited to mapping all the experiences that produce innovation through Supercomputing: its mission is also to take part in creating a shared future, through the creation of networks and collaborations to share and extend technological knowledge.

More information at https://osservatorio.supercomputing-icsc.it

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