Climate change, Business, Green Transition: an IFAB event to reflect on the challenges and opportunities for SMEs

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Climate change has highlighted the urgency with which institutions, businesses, and communities must act to implement new resilience and adaptation strategies: the goal, which must be common and shared, is to enact paths of transition related to environmental sustainability and the reduction of negative impacts on ecosystems.

In this scenario, IFAB acts to transfer knowledge, awareness, and tools on technological innovation to the productive world: it is also through new technologies that the Green Transition can be fully realized. These themes will be the focus of an important event organized by the Foundation, titled “Cambiamento climatico e filiera delle imprese: infrastrutture e PMI nella transizione verde”, sponsored by the University of Bologna and the Emilia-Romagna Region, scheduled in Bologna for January 25th, 2024, at the Department of Arts of the University of Bologna.

The event will also be available in live streaming on IFAB’s social channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube.
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The climate change and transition to a more sustainable economic system require effective, coordinated, and shared commitment and action from all players in large industries, SMEs, and the Public Administration.

The Emilia Romagna Region has been at the forefront, committed to contributing to sustainable development through the Regional Strategy Agenda 2030, targeted policies, and continuous dialogue with the business community.

Many large companies, as well as the insurance sector, already consider these issues as a core business matter, with direct implications for corporate governance, especially in terms of long-term value creation and growth.

However, the climate crisis and related risks, now more current and perceptible than ever, demand consideration from small and medium-sized enterprises and, more generally, the entire production chain. A sustainability strategy, transparent, responsible, and aware, should have widespread application throughout the supply chain to truly achieve the ambitious but necessary goal of safeguarding our planet and promoting a new way of doing business.

For this reason, it has been decided to bring together, under the guidance of IFAB, the public sector, strategic companies in infrastructure, and private companies leading in the green transition for a virtuous climate pact. This pact aims to address current global challenges together and promote a functional systemic approach to an overall vision of sustainable development.

Cambiamento climatico e filiera delle imprese: infrastrutture e PMI nella transizione verde

January 25th, 2024, 3:00 PM (CET)
Dipartimento delle Arti, Salone Marescotti
Via Barberia 4, Bologna


Introductory Greetings
Stefano Bonaccini – President of the Emilia-Romagna Region
Giacomo Manzoli – Director of the Department of Arts, University of Bologna

Opening of the works
Vincenzo Colla – Councillor for Economic Development and Green Economy, Labour, Training and International Relations, Emilia-Romagna Region
Francesco Ubertini – President of IFAB and Professor at the University of Bologna

Session 1 – “Infrastructure and operational tools to combat climate change”
Moderated by Marco Becca – General Director of IFAB

  • The climate: building platforms
    Renzo Giovanni Avesani – CEO of Leithà, Unipol Group
  • The climate crisis: the current state, future scenarios, and impacts on ecosystems and activity chains
    Carlo Cacciamani – Director of ItaliaMeteo
  • Leonardo and the twin transitions, blue and green
    Carlo Cavazzoni – Head of digital infrastructures Leonardo Spa

Session 2 – “The role of supply chains, systemic mitigation of climate risks, and regulatory aspects”
Moderated by Pietro Galizzi – Head of Legal, Regulatory and Compliance, Eni Plenitude S.p.A. Società Benefit 

  • Companies as protagonists of the environmental transition
    Maurizio Marchesini – President of Marchesini Group s.p.a., Vice President of Confindustria with a delegation to Supply Chains and Medium Enterprises
  • Business regulation and climate risks
    Paola Manes – Full Professor of Private Law, University of Bologna
  • The role of insurance in the fight against climate change
    Marisa Parmigiani – Head of Sustainability Unipol Group
  • The strategic role of the supply chain in the process of managing the sustainable transition of the company
    Matteo Mura – Associate Professor of Economic-Management Engineering University of Bologna, Director of the Centre for Sustainability and Climate Change Bologna Business School
  • Climate change and the competition for green technologies
    Gordon Mensah – World Bank Consultant, researcher at Fondazione Astrid

Scientific Director: Prof. Paola Manes
Scientific Secretariat: Dr. Lisa Bianchini


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  • Download Avesani’s slides in pdf here

Cambiamento climatico e filiera delle imprese: infrastrutture e PMI nella transizione verde

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