QuHack4IA concluded: here are the three Winning Projects

The two-day hackathon, “QuHack4IA” officially drew to a close, sponsored by IFAB, Leithà S.r.l., the University of Bologna, CINECA, and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics. The event aimed to identify the most innovative solutions for applying quantum algorithms and technologies in the industrial sector, addressing challenges and optimizing performance and production efficiency.

Among the numerous projects presented, three stood out and claimed victory. They were selected by a jury composed of Dr. Lorenzo Cordin (UNIPOL), Dr. Antonio Falabella (CNAF-INFN), Prof. Stefano Lodi (DISI-UNIBO), and Dr. Riccardo Mengoni (CINECA).

1st Place
“VQE for Ground State of Hydrogen Molecule”
Simulation of the hydrogen molecule state to support industrial applications in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, energy, and materials science.

2nd Place
“Quantum Annealing for Portfolio Optimization”
In the realm of finance, this project applied quantum annealing to optimize stock portfolios, minimizing risks while maximizing returns.

3rd Place
“Max Independent Set for Charging Stations”
This project focused on optimizing the distribution of charging stations for electric vehicles, ensuring efficient placement and operation

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