Resilience of rural communities and sustainable energy production: the mission of Akren, new member of the IFAB Foundation

IFAB expands its team by welcoming Akren Group, a company that develops agri-voltaic systems that can improve the energy sustainability of farms and make them more productive and resilient to climate change.

More information below.

Akren is an innovative start-up with the goal of developing complex agrivoltaic systems to contribute to meeting the growing demand for food and energy worldwide. Through its activities, Akren aims to innovate the agricultural and energy production model by using technologies that can produce food and energy synergistically in the same location, with the objective of ensuring:

  • Healthy and sustainable food
  • Green, safe, and distributed energy
  • Environmental protection and sustainability of production processes

These objectives can only be achieved through intensive research and development activities carried out by Akren in its Open Innovation Lab in Umbria. This is a context where technological solutions from the renewable energy and agricultural sectors are tested.

Akren’s activities focus on areas characterized by high marginality and limited agricultural potential, avoiding competition with agriculturally more productive lands and targeting territories with agricultural and energy poverty. The goal is to reclaim poorly productive or no longer productive land for agricultural purposes due to their marginality and advancing desertification.

This approach allows for the development of greater resilience in rural communities by improving the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of entire territories.

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