Technology, Growth, Future: IFAB Welcomes IBM as a Partner of the Foundation

Starting today, IBM joins the network of innovation represented by IFAB’s partners. The multinational company, a leader in innovation services for businesses, becomes part of the Foundation, bringing along extensive know-how on strategies, scenarios, and digital infrastructures crucial for the technological development of the Italian, European, and international productive sectors.
Below are more details about IBM.

With over 110 years of history, IBM is a leader in innovation serving businesses and institutions worldwide. It operates in over 170 countries. IBM, an open hybrid cloud and AI platform company, offers organizations from every sector access to exponential technologies and consulting services for digital transformation and the modernization of business models.

Hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence, mainframe and storage hardware systems, cybersecurity, and quantum computing are the areas where IBM is globally recognized as a leader and as a brand with a strong ethical commitment to the market and the social context in which it operates. The company also devotes significant efforts to create and strengthen new professional skills, with particular attention to the involvement of women in STEM subjects. Diversity and inclusion are integral parts of its centenary DNA.

Scientific research represents the growth engine for IBM, its clients, and partners. IBM Research continuously looks to “What’s Next in Computing” to create and integrate technologies that help solve the world’s major challenges, generating new opportunities for improvement in every field. This has ensured numerous top rankings for IBM in the list of patents filed in the United States.

In April 2020, IBM announced its participation as one of the founding partners of the Open COVID Pledge, an initiative that provides free access to patents and new patent applications, totaling over 80,000 worldwide, to contribute to the diagnosis, prevention, containment, and treatment of SARS-CoV-2.

IBM has been operating in Italy since 1927, contributing to the development of innovation and sustainability in every economic sector. Its clients include major banks, public administrations, and leaders from various industrial sectors.

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