Airbnb and Penske Automotive Italy are the focus of an event hosted by IFAB 4 Next Generation Talents

From Italy to the United States and backwards: an important event, promoted by IFAB 4 Next Generation Talents, is scheduled on March the 24th. “IFAB 4 Next Generation Talents” is the Foundation’s program dedicated to young talents in the fields of research, industry, and the private sector. Participants of the program will have the opportunity to take part in a roundtable discussion with two professionals who will talk about their experience at Airbnb – the famous online platform dedicated to tourism – and Penske Automotive Italy – the most important Italian dealer in premium and luxury automobiles. The discussion will focus on the opportunities that can arise from the combination of passion and work, with a truly stimulating interaction between speakers and audience. Please check out the info event here below.

24th March, 5-6:30 PM
IFAB headquarter via Galliera 32, Bologna

Also in online streaming on Teams: Follow the streaming >


  • Joe Zadeh — ex Head of Product, Airbnb
  • Elena Alberti — Managing Director and CFO, Penske Automotive Italy

The event aims at deepening the emerging challenges that young people face when they approach the world of work. With their vast experience in the field, speakers Joe Zadeh and Elena Alberti will share with the audience their vision of the potential that can be developed through the combination of passion and work, and how this integration can lead to a greater development of the interdisciplinarity that today represents an indispensable added value. At this roundtable, IFAB’s young talents will have the opportunity to listen to the experiences of the speakers from whom they can take important insights into their future. The evening will be structured in order to offer the opportunity to listen to the experts, but also to interact with them through a session of questions and answers. The speakers, in fact, will be happy to answer all the questions and provide more insights on the subject.

If you are interested in IFAB 4 Next Generation Talents, please visit the dedicated webpage.

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