Approaching Quantum Computing: from the National Research Center, a series of introductory meetings on the subject

The Quantum Computing and Simulation Center established by the University of Padua – within the context of Spoke 10 of the National Research Center on HPC, Big Data, and Quantum Computing, of which IFAB is also a part – promotes a series of five introductory meetings on the subject of Quantum Computing, open to everyone and dedicated to anyone who wants to approach the subject.
Participation in meetings is free and via streaming, available at this link. Below is the calendar of meetings.

March 14th, 2023, 5 pm
“Calcolatori e simulatori quantistici nella NISQ era: cosa sono e cosa possono fare”
Ilaria Siloi, UNIPD

March, 21th 2023, 5 pm
“Introduzione all’emulatore di calcolatore quantistico HPC ‘Quantum Matcha Tea’”
Marco Ballarin, UNIPD

March, 28th 2023, 5 pm
“Introduzione alle macchine Dwave”
Gabriella Bettonte, Cineca

April, 4th 2023, 5 pm
“Introduzione alle macchine PASQAL”
Riccardo Mengoni, Cineca

April, 11th 2023, 5 pm
“Introduzione alle macchine QuERA Computing”
Tommaso Macrì, QuERA

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