Interview to Marco Becca for the video podcast “Dialoghi di Pandora Rivista”: the importance of supercomputing

In the interview by Giacomo Bottos, director of Pandora Rivista, Marco Becca draws a concrete and articulated picture of the many opportunities that, nowadays, supercomputing offers to the economic growth of our country.

The Technopole of Bologna, meeting point of National and European investments that consider supercomputing as the core of innovation, is currently hosting some of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe and it is becoming an attractor for the most advanced expertise and for businesses that want to innovate.

The exchange between the issues raised by businesses to scientific research and the answers it will be able to provide thanks to new supercomputing technologies will create new opportunities for industry, health care, environment, and society.

We are at an early stage of investment and transition” -claims Becca- “However, if we create critical mass, we will be able to build something that does not yet exist in Europe: the meeting of our most modern businesses, firms that really want to learn, and our best researchers. The Technopole may become a great laboratory, it really may be like the Silicon Valley”.

In this scenario, IFAB operates to bring together more companies – both SMES and networks of enterprises – with these new technologies, always proposing new challenges to scientific research and implementing the applications possible today thanks to supercomputing.


Watch the entire interview here below.

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