E3CI Hackaton: “Communicating extreme weather events”

E3CI Hackaton is an event created to develop original and efficient ideas for sharing the European Extreme Events Climate Index, the European index that tracks the occurrence and gravity of extreme weather events.

January 17th and 18th, 2023

CUBO Unipol, Torre Unipol, Via Larga 8 – 40138 Bologna

21 participants, divided into 7 teams

3 winning teams


The very first edition of Hackaton was born to enhance the European Extreme Events Climate Index, with these following goals:

  • increasing awareness of local communities about impacts of weather-induced events;
  • easing the development of applications in the area of Corporate Sustainability
  • supporting decision makers and local administrations in evaluating difficulties and in defining the most efficient adaptation strategies.

Find out more on the page dedicated to the European Extreme Events Climate Index >

Who is the target?

E3CI Hackathon speaks to students and professionals with specific competences in:

    • data visualization
    • environmental communication
    • analysis of climate data and/or related impacts

You can apply as an individual (if selected you will then be placed in a team) or as part of a team. If you apply as part of a team, in the registration form you must indicate in the appropriate space the name of the other two participants; the other two must do the same.

The event will be totally held in italian.

Form more information please contact e3ci@ifabfoundation.org

How does it work?

Participants will be divided into different teams. With the support of experts from Leithà Unipol and CMCC Foundation, they will propose and develop innovative ways (infographics, dashboards, applications) to enhance the information given by the E3CI to the scientific and entrepreneurial community.

The projects that teams will put in place during these two days will be then presented in a no longer than 10 minutes pitch and submitted to a technical-scientific jury.

Participants will use the data series of different components at different resolutions (Country, Global Administrative Unit Layer, 0.25° resolution grid) on a subset of Europe. Teams will be able to use data either of a specific part or of the whole given dataset. Moreover, teams will have the opportunity to use additional time series from external databases to develop their projects (for example, potential data on the exposition or impacts).

The evaluation of the different projects will be based on the following criteria:

  • originality and innovation
  • technological sustainability and feasibility
  • communicative impact
  • user experience

The three most deserving ideas will be awarded at the end of the second day of the event.


StandingAward for each team member
1st placeCadHoc vouchers worth € 400 (four hundred euro)
2nd placeCadHoc vouchers worth € 250 (two hundred and fifty euro)
3rd placeCadHoc vouchers worth € 100 (a hundred euro)

Travel, board and lodging

Participants will have the trip refunded exclusively after submission of statements of expenditure (to/from Hackathon’s venue) and exclusively from Italy, San Marino Republic and Vatican City. The maximum amount to be refunded for each participant is €200 (two hundred) VAT included.

The Organization will provide each participant with accommodation and breakfast in a facility which will be further on announced. The organization will also supply dinner on January the 17th, lunch on January 18th and coffee breaks during the event to all participants.

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