IFAB 4 Next Generation Talents kicks off: three new meetings on the way

The project dedicated to the next generations returns with three new events in September, October and November

After the first meeting with Alec Ross – professor at Bologna Business School, author, entrepreneur, technology policy expert and IFAB International Scientific Board member – in the following months the young members taking part in the program will have the opportunity to get to know some of the companies and start-ups that have joined the Foundation.

The aim of the project is involving young university students from different faculties on the role that Artificial Intelligence and Big Data can play in facing future problems, making it easier to integrate skills, mainly during the educational path, as a boost for new projects and ideas.

Here are the events scheduled by now, some of which are still being defined.


IFAB headquarters, Via Galliera 32, Bologna

“Starting up”

Dialogue between three innovative companies: Axelera Ai and AgroMateriae – start-ups of the IFAB network – and Outcity, a project in development
Discover more about Axelera >
Discover more about Agromateriae >
Discover more about Outcity >

To participate and for additional details write to ifab4nextgenerationtalents@ifabfoundation.org

Prometeia headquarters, piazza Trento e Trieste 3, Bologna

“Climate risk in the financial sector: assessment and application”

A meeting focused on climate change risk assessment in financial investments and related applications


Presentation of Prometeia
Emanuela Mei, Executive Comunicazione & Marketing – Prometeia

Climate change: identification and measurement of risks and opportunities through an approach based on scenarios and data
Luca Bartolucci, Principal – Risk Integration & ESG, Enterprise Risk Management – Prometeia

AI techniques and tools for assessing the effects of Climate Risk on the credit portfolio
Francesco Nisi, Senior Manager – Credit Risk, Enterprise Risk Management – Prometeia

Artificial Intelligence to support the selection and filtering of climate change signals
Davide Frison, Senior Analyst – Data Science – Prometeia

An approach to measuring exposure to physical risk through text and audio analysis
Lorenzo Prosperi, Principal – Market Analysis and Financial Intermediaries – Prometeia
Michele Cimino, Economist – Market Analysis and Financial Intermediaries – Prometeia

Presentation of Riot and its approach to Risk Management
Keivan Santoli e Alessandro Perrone, Riot Investment Society – IFAB4NextGenerationTalents

Emanuela Mei, Executive Communication & Marketing – Prometeia

“The event is organized as part of the initiatives of the project Society – European Night of Researchers, funded by the European Commission.”

To participate and for additional details write to ifab4nextgenerationtalents@ifabfoundation.org

Discover more about Prometeia >

Palazzo D’Accursio – Cappella Farnese, Bologna

“IFAB:  a bridge between Technopole and society”

Double event on the impact and value of supercomputing and Big Data on our future: a round table with a high-profile panel including an IFAB4NGT representative and an in-depth study on medicine
Discover more about the event >

To participate and for additional details write to ifab4nextgenerationtalents@ifabfoundation.org



To learn more about the project, go to IFAB 4 Next Generation Talent >

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