A close look on climate change trends: the European Extreme Events Climate Index by La Repubblica

The “European Extreme Events Climate Index (E3CI)”, funded by IFAB, has been cited on the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. The article written by Jamie D’Alessandro and Giacomo Talignani presents the project funded by IFAB, that carries out an accurate monitoring and analysis of world weather events, even back in time, to evaluate the frequency, the severity and the probability of future occurrence. All this, thanks to the opportunities offered by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence of quantum supercomputing technologies set up at the Tecnopolo of Bologna.

The article focuses on the abnormal temperatures reached in Italy during the recent months, and also on the historical precedents in the recent years: an analysis made possible by the information that E3CI constantly processes. Thanks to this, we know that the month of June was the hottest of the last 42 years, while the heat waves of 2022 have exceeded in intensity and duration even the most recent record (summer 2003).

Among the interventions mentioned, in addition to that of Marco Becca, IFAB Director, also those of Guido Rianna and Paola Mercoliano of the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change (CMCC): read the full article, available at this link.

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