Interview with Luciano Floridi: the value of the Italian Data Valley and the importance to explain the actual opportunities for businesses

June 24 – Corriere di Bologna

Luciano Floridi talks about the urgency of making the manufacturing world understand the actual developments that the huge investments in the Bologna Technopole can bring in terms of economic advantages, not only for big companies but also for SMEs. “It is important to explain that this huge computing capacity serves to lower costs and increase productivity “.

Floridi, as President of IFAB scientific board, also talks about the role of IFAB, that is to ethically guide these investments, so that they can actually be used for the common good and the environment.

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June 24th 2022 – Corriere di Bologna, “L’Emilia vale la Silicon Valley. Tecnopolo occasione enorme. Sprecarla sarebbe gravissimo”


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