IFAB and Prometeia together to face business and regulatory challenges

The new collaboration between IFAB and Prometeia aims to create a succesfull network putting together skills and expertise to reach ambitious goals. Thanks to the most advanced analytical and data science techniques, we are ready to face new technological challenges of the future.


Prometeia is a global firm of quantitative experts and software engineers, dedicated to applying financial modeling, economic research and data science to solve complex business and regulatory challenges. Established in 1974 as an independent institute for economic research, for half a century Prometeia has been developing innovative software solutions, studies, and reports for banking and insurance groups, institutional investors and public organizations. The distinctive mix of competences has made Prometeia a leading European company in Risk, Asset and Wealth Management solutions. Our expertise is proved by our award-winning solutions, our double-digit growth in turnover and staff, over 300 references in 20+ countries.

More information at: https://www.prometeia.it/en/home

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