With SECO towards the next frontier of digital technologies

The gradual arrival of new technologies such as Cloud, artificial intelligence, and 5G has opened the way to the digital transformation of objects, production lines and business models, opening up enormous opportunities.
In this context, through pioneering digital technologies and the development of a synergy between crucial know-how, SECO and IFAB collaborate to ride the wave of a new revolution.

develops and produces cutting-edge technological solutions, from miniaturised computers to fully customised integrated systems combining hardware and software.
SECO employs over 800 people worldwide and has 5 manufacturing plants, 9 R&D centres and sales offices in 9 countries. SECO serves more than 300 blue-chip customers who are leaders in their respective fields; including medical, industrial automation, aerospace and defence, fitness, vending and many others.
SECO’s R&D capabilities continue to expand through long-standing strategic partnerships with technology corporations and collaborations with universities, research centres and innovative start-ups. SECO is one of the founders of the international standard for computer miniaturisation Qseven®.
SECO operates worldwide, with headquarters in Italy, Germany, the USA, India and Taiwan. SECO’s capital provider is the “Fondo Italiano Tecnologia e Crescita”, which is managed by the “Fondo Italiano d’Investimento SGR”.
Sustainability is a key aspect for the company: Seco Next is the business unit focused on innnovation and sustainable developement and acting as a bridge between the research world and the Business sector with the aim to start a digital transformation process based on sustainability. Seco Next is the lab where an ecosystem open to stakeholders (clients, suppliers, technological partners, start-up, university and research centres) share skills and experiences to co-design, using frontier technology as Edge AI, Machine Vision and Data Fusion, 5G and Quantum Computin, innovative solutions oriented to people well-being and geared to improve the standard of living and to generate sustainable value from business.

For more informationn visit: https://north.seco.com/en/

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