Net Service and IFAB together to create new synergies between research and business

IFAB is proud to have Net Service among its participating members to consolidate the cooperation between private sector and scientific community in the field of innovation technology.

Starting from 1997 Net Service S.p.A. designes and develops IT solutions and safe and tailor-made technological services. Combining innovation and experience, the company is able to design and manage business and operational processes’ digitalization for small, medium and large-sized enterprises and for the public sector. The point of strength is to provide cutting-edge technology solutions able to perfectly integrate in the pre-existing technological context. Net Service offers hosting services, consultancy and support, providing its clients with the best anti-intrusion technologies and managing the delivery of services in ISO 27001 certified environments. Characterized by an innovative Research & Development Centre, composed of real disseminated competence centers, its aim is to bring efficiency, transparency and simplicity in defining and managing complex organization’s processes, as well as bring culture at the heart of the digital world.
In 2018, Net Service Group has acquired FlossLab, the first Spin-off of Cagliari University with big competences on the development of applications and integrations with blockchain technology. In 2019 the already strong internationalization path has been enhanced with the opening of the subsidiary Net Service Lux in Luxemburg.
For Net Service, innovation is the starting point to develop every new technological solution, and, at the same time, the objective to reach.
The main fields of interest are Cyber Security, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, but the internal research in the R&D Centre never stops.
The words of Gianluca Ortolani, Net Service CEO “After several months of meetings and common goals’ sharing, the Foundation accepted our application of admission and this makes us very proud. This initiative will be of great help not only to our region but also to the Nation. I am personally convinced that the Foundation will be the focal point from which partnerships and synergies able to bring the Emilia-Romagna Region in the heart of big European digital transformation processes will be built. An innovative center, very attractive for our researchers, and an international meeting point where conveying industrial and research synergies.”

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