Software Heritage, the Universal database for codes. Digressions on the topic – March 16, 2022

Software Heritage, the Universal database for codes. Digressions on the topic

On the 16th of March 2022, in Bologna the event “Software Heritage, the Universal database for codes. Digressions on the topic” will be held. An entire day dedicated to many topics: Open Source, new digital databases and codes. These are intended, on the one hand, as parts of our cultural heritage, therefore to be preserved and safeguarded; on the other hand, as undisputed protagonists of the Digital Revolution that is rapidly changing our ways of living.

Location of the event: Aula Giorgio Prodi, Piazza S. Giovanni in Monte 2, Bologna

Live streaming: the event will be also available on IFAB’s Facebook page and Youtube Channel.

The event targets everyone, especially young people. Some schools of Bologna – Liceo Malpighi, Liceo Fermi, Istituto Aldini Valeriani and Istituto Belluzzi Fioravanti – have been actively involved. A contest was proposed: during specific meetings, students were presented with some codes that changed our everyday-lives and were asked: “What’s your favorite code? Which code would you like to preserve for the future generations?” Some of the most original, funny, clever and brilliant answers will be chosen and awarded during the event.


Opening and greetings
Francesco Ubertini, IFAB President
Rebecca Montanari, Vice Rector for Digital Transformation
Giorgio Graditi, Director of the Department of Energy Technologies and Renewable Sources of ENEA

Liesbeth de Mol
“What is a computer program? An anti-disciplinary approach”

Roberto di Cosmo
“Archiving all the software: why it is necessary and how we can do it”

Welcome back
Paola Salomoni, Regional Minister for Education, University, Research and Digital Agenda / Emilia-Romagna Region 

Simone Martini
“Why writing code is important, for everyone”

Roberto di Cosmo, Stefano Vitali
“Databases of the digital world: challenges and opportunities”

Closing of the event with the students’ contest results and award ceremony

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This event has a multidisciplinary approach and a double goal: educational and informative. It is part of the Big Code Lab project, supported by IFAB and promoted by the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) and the Department of IT, Science and Engineering of University of Bologna (DISI), in collaboration with Software Heritage (SH).

The project aims at, on the one hand, exploring new methodologies for the automatic and safe development of codes; on the other hand, at creating opportunities of education and dissemination, in order to address fundamental topics linked to the development of new digital technologies which are rapidly changing our society.

Read more about the project “Bologna Big Code Lab” >


Press releases

March 15th 2022 | La Repubblica Finanza

March 16th 2022 | Corriere della Sera

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