Gender Equality Plan

Our commitment to gender equality.

IFAB fights against gender bias and discrimination with the aim of reducing gender inequalities and guaranteeing an inclusive working environment.

To deliver our commitment to gender equality in research and innovation we produced a Gender Equality Plan, a policy document defining guidelines and concrete actions the Foundation is intended to undertake to develop a culture of respect and promote an inclusive and diverse environment where people are treated equally.

The document is structured in five thematic areas recommended by the European Commission and for each of them we identified objectives and actions to carry out in 2022-2024.

  • Area1

Work-life balance and organisational culture

The objective for this area is to facilitate the work-study-life balance through the consolidation of agile working methods, such as smart-working, flexible hours, telecommuting and part-time.

  • Area 2

Gender balance in leadership and decision-making

This area aims to improve internal decision-making processes for greater gender equality through a redefinition of company bodies’ composition to increase in the number of women in leadership positions.

  • Area 3

Gender equality in recruitment and career progression

The third area seeks to promote measures designed to support gender balance in recruitment by training the HR staff.

  • Area 4

Integration of the gender dimension into research and teaching content

The objective of the fourth area is to strengthen and promote the work of female researchers at all levels to ensure that gender dimension is taken into consideration in research and teaching.

  • Area 5

Measures against gender-based violence including sexual harassment

This area promotes a respectful conduct and establishes a zero tolerance culture with regard to sexual harassment and violence to prevent, identify and manage discriminatory behaviour in the IFAB community.

If you want to know more about our commitment to gender equality and discover the actions IFAB is going to carry out in 2022-2024 download here IFAB Gender Equality Plan

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