At the III International Triple Helix Virtual Summit, 24-26 November 2020, leading figures from science, industry and politics will discuss the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic and other pressing grand challenges and how to address them via digital and sustainable innovation under the motto “Designing globally connected regional innovation ecosystems”.

Thursday 26 November 2020
h 17:40
Panel 18

Prof Patrizio Bianchi, IFAB Scientific Director
Prof. Antonio Zoccoli, President of INFN – National Institute for Nuclear Physics
Dr. Sanzio Bassini, CTO Director, Director of the CINECA Department Supercomputing Applications and Innovation, CINECA

Who should take the responsibility for bridging the gap between BIG DATA and meeting societal challenges?

The panel will address the challenges of harnessing BIG DATA for social progress, addressing sustainability targets, or meeting specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Speakers will address the following questions:

– governance and management gaps surrounding BIG DATA;

– the Triple Helix actors mobilised behind the 4th industrial revolution and BIG DATA;

– how BIG DATA changes the world;

– how is BIG DATA shared in Europe and what difference does it make in terms of the leading European projects of industrial transformation and single market cohesion, or dealing with the pandemic;

– the challenges for engineering and social sciences to advance their collaborative Responsible Research and Innovation Strategies (RRI);

– how Triple Helix actors support sustainable development with BIG DATA and what are the missing links.


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