Partnership with the UNESCO Chair “Education, Growth and Equality”

UNESCO Chair in Education, Growth and Equality, established in June 2020 at the University of Ferrara (Italy), in order to promote and develop an integrated network for research and education.
Thanks to the leadership of Prof. Patrizio Bianchi (Chair Holder), the Chair’s team focus on the relations between Education, Growth and Equality, as common basis for a process of social transformation, usually identified as Human Development.
Currently the research group is working on three main issues:

  • new opportunities for the Educational System after Covid-19;
  • relation between Long-life Learning and Industrial Growth;
  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Human Development.

In this context, the connection with iFAB – International Foundation Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Human Development is significant, and both the organizations are planning a series of co-sponsored actions. In fact, the collaboration between UNESCO Chair and Big Data Foundation is inscribed in the six founding pillars of the Chair: networking, research, information and education. Among others, the latter will give the possibility to promote education at different levels: not only Higher Education (in collaboration with the University of Ferrara) but also Long-life Learning Programs, thanks to the “Big Data Academy” in action events.

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